About Us

About HRD Egypt

Egyptian Society for Human Resources Development is a non-profit Civil Society organization aiming at enlightening, developing and empowering Egyptian human resources as a means of contributing in Egypt’s rising in all fields and aspects.

Establishing the Egyptian Society for Human Resources Development came out of our strong belief that a human element is the real resource for any business organization as well as being the most real valuable resource for any society. Capable and skillful human beings willing to work are not only the most crucial and fundamental element for business organizations in achieving their production efficiency, enhancing their performance and maintaining the quality of their services and products, but also they are most crucial and fundamental element in modern societies rising.

In this respect, ESHRD realizes its mission through delivering its enlightening, educational, training and consultation services all over Egypt utilizing an integrated team of experienced part-time lecturers, trainers and consultants, equipped with awareness of the most up-to-date theories and knowledge along with long proven track of practical experience.

Our Values

Integrity & Transparency
Adopting openness and highest standards of corporate & personal ethics in all what we do

Passion to Serve Our Society
Contributing towards a better tomorrow
Delivering on our promises
A strong commitment to deliver services beyond expectation

Solution Orientated
Providing a competitive learning and training environment where our partner comes first
Providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our partners, helping them achieve their objectives and solving their problems

Innovativeness and Creativity
Nurturing imagination and fostering innovativeness and creativity for better results

Team Work
Established belief in achieving together and working as a team

Showing constant interest in opinions, suggestions, and remarks by our partners


To be the pioneers in building and developing human resources all over Egypt.

A team of qualified professionals committed to innovation and creativity who contribute in building, developing and empowering human resources and business organizations all over Egypt, and enhancing their competitiveness by providing them with state- of- the- art educational, training and consultancy solutions through utilizing the specialized professionals, along with government, non-government and international bodies that have enriched their expertise through long practical practices in International, Arab an Egyptian business organizations, and adopting the most up-to-date and sophisticated approaches and technologies.


Our Services

Strategic Consultation

Managerial Consultation

HR Consultation

Integrated Educational Solutions
• Language Centers
• Computer Centers
• Nurseries and Pre-schools
• Language Schools
• International Schools

Integrated Training Solutions

Training needs assessment and analysis

Designing, delivering and following up training programs

Designing and developing training materials

Designing training paths

On-job coaching

Distinctive Social Services

Poor Families Relief

Orphans Sponsorship

Environment preservation

Providing care for elderly and specially needed people

Helping incapable students to continue their study

Helping incapable youth to get married

Providing Hajj and Omra services for its members

Distinctive Healthcare Services

Healthcare is an essential human right

Implantation the equality principle in getting healthcare services

Qualifying, developing and training nursing cadres to be able to provide professional healthcare services

Educating people with the importance of using anti-infection techniques

Nursing at the highest international standards

Establishing cooperation and partnership with all concerned bodies to achieve integration of role.

Our Objectives

Building, qualifying, developing and empowering Egyptian human resources that are capable of conveying their experiences to other society members.

Supporting government, private and public sector’s organizations in developing and promoting their HR by developing their skills, effectiveness & competencies.

Participating in spreading the most up-to-date international educational, training and consultancy methodologies and techniques.

Participating in the overall developing process for Egyptian society through effective educational and training activities that will enhance the existent workforce and maximize the added value for service and production sectors.

Coordinating and cooperating with local, Arab and international government and non-government organizations that share us our goals

Providing distinctive social services to develop and promote Egyptian individuals and families in a high-level way that takes the human dimension into consideration.

Contributing in developing, improving and preserving the environment.

Participating in raising the educational, cultural and professional levels of Egyptian families.

Participating in developing healthcare sector through training the nursing sector graduates.